Med Tac Water Polo Program

Water polo is a unique combination of swimming and throwing with quick bursts of activity requiring enormous stamina.

Given the intense physical contact and the high velocities of the water polo ball exceeding 40 miles per hour, the players are exposed to acute injuries with the head and face being the most common body areas impacted that may include concussions, eye injuries, facial fractures, and injuries to the ear.

Orthopedic injuries with trauma to the upper extremities such as the shoulder, hand, and wrist are more common than those of the lower extremities; however, knee, back, and spine injuries are not uncommon.

The second and very common category of risks are those of the spectators, coaches, and support staff who due to age may be subject to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, slips, and falls totally unrelated to the sport of water polo. Their mere presence at an event increases the need for visible, accessible, and functional emergency bystander care devices such as AEDs and care supplies that are fixed, portable, and mobile. The best solution set is the combination of trained team, coaches, and families WITH access to what they need to deliver the right bystander care, at the right time, every time.