Ski & Snowboarding Program

The winter sports of skiing and snowboarding offer terrific opportunities to enjoy mountains and wonderful opportunities for exercise.  However, there are unique injuries for which bystander care is critical. And, due to the more remote locations, professional first responders can experience great delays in getting to victims.

Injury patterns of skiing and snowboarding differ significantly. Half of snowboarders have injuries versus 18% for skiers. The orthopedic injury types vary, however the head and neck injuries and the life saving principles of the Med Tac program apply. Our Ski and Snowboarding Program is being developed with instructors, ski patrols, and physicians who are experienced mountain-based emergency specialists.

We are developing special care packs and care kits that provide the suppliers that will be helpful while waiting for the ski patrol and emergency medical technicians.

Similar to our Lifeguard – Surf Kits, this gear is being tested with those professionals who are treating skiers and snowboarders who are injured. Hypothermia is a big challenge and we are addressing this problem with the latest solutions that are lightweight and able to be taken with those recreational skiers and snowboarders who want to be prepared. Stop the Bleed gear is definitely a major consideration and will be included in even the lightest weight and smallest kits.